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Social media and deep dive reputation reports

Employrite is pleased to announce a new range of checks in partnership with Neotas based in the UK.

We think that you will all agree that there is a need for us all to have a responsible digital footprint as has been highlighted in press articles from New Zealand, Australia and the UK where people have been removed from their jobs because of racist/homophobic/sexist tweets. As we all come to expect a more professional online persona the need to screen candidates for bad behaviour increases.

As well as the fast, low cost social media check, we also offer more detailed reports that will look into an individual’s full digital footprint globally, from what they share to what is shared about them.

Since the cost of a bad hire is significant, we want to work with you to provide a range of additional checks to help you assess candidate suitability and cultural fit. The objective is to focus on digital footprints and online behaviour, including social media activity to build a complete picture of a candidate and protect your employer branding. These checks are designed to supplement not replace your existing background screening process. Our global social media check is an ideal addition to in-country criminal and credit checks.

In line with our historical stance the online reputation checks are designed specifically to:

  • Confirm candidate suitability
  • Remove bias from hiring decisions
  • Protect your present employees and brand
  • Save you the cost of a bad hire

Rest assured

  • Candidate consent is a pre-requisite
  • Only employment related business risks are identified
  • Sensitive personal information is protected
  • Privacy is ensured – only accessing publicly available information

Social Media Search
This report quickly identifies any factors for concern in a candidate’s social media profile and online reputation using machine learning and natural language processing.

  • Simple red or green report
  • On/off risk filters to reflect the context and risk appetite of the industry
  • Zero false positives, bias free

There are also additional deep dive reports for Senior Executives ranging from Standard, Enhanced and Investigation.

Available checks and turnaround times

Social Media Search – 48 hour turnaround

Deep Dive Reports

Standard - 72 hour turnaround

Enhanced – 5 day turnaround

Investigation – 10 day turnaround

For all checks, we will require the candidate permission along with full name, personal email address, mobile phone numbers, 1 or more social handles e.g. Linkedin/Facebook/Instagram link, and a copy of CV.

Deep dive
For the deep dive reports we don’t need any additional information above and beyond what we need for the social checks.

The difference will be that we look beyond social media content and include wider checks across the surface, deep and dark web. If you are requesting our top level “Investigation” report we do ask for either a briefing call or a paragraph that outlines where we should focus our Analyst time the brief can be added when requesting the check – in “additional comments” box to keep things simple. Typically for a senior hire this might be a full reputation check but sometimes there are known issues or concerns to review and by sharing that early we can ensure that we focus on the most critical areas.

We are very happy to provide you with further information on each or any of these checks along with pricing. Please contact Katrina Birchall.

Just thought I would take 5 minutes out of my day to drop you this note just to say a big thank you and your team and keep up the good work.

Lynne Cowan
Vendor Sales Support, New Zealand

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