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Background Checking

  • Why screen? The benefits

Eight good reasons you should screen candidates:

  1. apply best practice
  2. comply with employment legislation
  3. appoint the best person for the job
  4. avoid inappropriate hires
  5. reduce recruitment costs by doing it right first time
  6. minimise the risk of fraud and theft
  7. protect your company’s reputation
  8. protect your employees and clients
  • Why is background checking important?

We are often asked why background screening is important. An effective background screening programme offers many advantages to your company including important savings in terms of time and money. By protecting against an unsafe or inappropriate recruitment decision, you naturally cut the workload of your HR team and reduce the costs associated with hiring the wrong person, which include not only financial loss and damage to your reputation.

Outsourcing ensures that you have the most reliable results available in the fastest possible time, while also streamlining your internal recruitment processes and freeing up your HR team to concentrate on other essential areas of their work.

For every company, regardless of its size, background screening has become an important part of best practice. It offers important protection to fellow employees, customers, clients and shareholders and, where appropriate, enables you to comply with relevant legislation.

  • WHO IS Employrite?

Employrite has been in business for over 30 years, with offices in Australia.  We are a NZ company, privately owned and operated.  We are committed to providing background checking and verification to employers and individuals alike to reduce risk and build a foundation of trust in employer/employee relationships.

We offer a comprehensive range of checks for all purposes.  Our online system allows the process to be completed in a secure, efficient, user friendly way.  Our goal is to deliver work accurately, efficiently, securely and within the fastest possible timeframes.

  • Our Approach

Our approach is to deliver excellent customer service – by listening to our clients and understanding their needs.

Our experienced, professional team is friendly and approachable and committed to delivering fast, accurate, comprehensive results.

We meet all industry regulations and follow strict compliance and quality control measures to ensure data is delivered in a timely and secure manner.

To learn more about our range of services, see our services page.

  • Is background checking a legal requirement?

It is for some industries and job roles. Our team is able to advise you on which checks must be undertaken in order for your company to adhere to legislation and remain compliant. For any employer in Australia, it is imperative for them to check that an individual from overseas has the appropriate Visa to work in the country.  

  • Our clients

The majority of Employrite’s customer base are individual business or corporate clients, however we do process on behalf of individuals who wish to conduct checks.

Employrite strive to provide us with a top quality service that allows us to ensure the quality of our candidates.

HR Manager, NZ Power Company
Top quality service assures quality of candidates, New Zealand

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