Employrite Co Ltd, is a privately owned company, founded in 1985,  headquarted in Australia.

With pre-employment screening and Background Checks increasingly recognised as an essential part of the recruitment process, companies are no longer questioning whether it is necessary, but instead are asking:

Which company can we trust to do our pre-employment screening for us?

Employrite is trusted by companies of all sizes across New Zealand, Australia and internationally.

We have been delivering our services for over thirty years.  Work with us and you’ll soon see why.

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Icon-listWhy Employrite?

Our approach is based firmly on principles of excellence in customer service – listening to our clients and understanding their needs, and providing flexible, tailored screening solutions.

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Icon-userWhy screen?

Sometimes pre-employment screening is a legal requirement, other times sometimes it’s a matter of sensible practice. Whatever the reason you’re considering pre-employment screening, the benefits to an organisation with a well thought out background screening programme in place are numerous and are going to save you a lot of money.


Icon-networkHow We Work

Since our beginnings in the 80’s , we’ve built a company based on expertise, reliability and vast industry knowledge, with a central focus on building relationships through great customer service. We have continued to invest heavily in developing the right internal infrastructure and online solution to ensure the most efficient and effective system for conducting your employment history checks.

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As Human Resources Manager at Smith + Caughey's, I have used the services of Employrite since August 2000....

Jill Kerr, Human Resources Manager
Smith + Caughey, New Zealand

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