Our Partners

  • Talegent

    Based in New Zealand, Australia, Philippines and USA, Talegent provides a comprehensive range of international talent assessment tools and tests. Talegent is the first talent assessment provider that’s top-to-bottom designed for the digital staffing era. Talegent offers the freedom to choose exactly what you need—from a single personality test or aptitude test to a complete turnkey solution.

    Website: talegent.com.au

  • Intuition HR

    Intuition HR is a cloud-based tool that empowers Managers to manage their own day-to-day Human Resources and Safety activity. Research shows Managers are critical to managing talent successfully and, that in high performing organisations, they are personally managing their own HR and Safety needs. Intuition HR provides access to 24/7 HR and Safety advice tailored to your organisation and is designed to be used by Managers and HR/Safety staff.

    Website: intuitionhr.com

    Intuition HR