Employment screening

We are frequently asked "Who needs to conduct Employment Screening?"
The answer is "Anyone who hires people".

At Employrite we have an experienced team of people who are commited to finding the best employees for your company. Details about our pre employment checks, including criminal background checks and reference checks are listed on the left and we also specialise in pre employment drug testing.

Why should your business do pre employment checks?

The 80/20 rule roughly applies to the ratio of people who will be positive assets to companies versus the number of people who have demonstrated negative previous behaviours and where a previous employer would not re-employ or recommend those people to a potential employer. The reasons not to hire are many, and don't always reveal backgrounds of serious fraud and theft, (although such backgrounds have been uncovered). Mostly these people exhibit a background of behaviours which negatively impact business such as poor work ethic, unreliability or inability to follow rules or instructions. With 20-25% of applicants knowingly lying on their employment applications, its good reason to implement a screening program across the business to pin point the 20% who are going to give you 80% of your headaches. By applying a screening program all people are screened relative to the role and the 20% unearthed.

Whilst telecommunications advancements and online tools continue to provide major benefits as relates to speed and processing, the fundamentals of background screening haven’t. The sophistication of individuals and the lengths they sometimes go to are sometimes impressive, however lying requires consistency and a good memory and we consistently uncover those false claims.

We have found through experience over the years that the most effective screening is comprised of a minimum of three key checks that provide sufficient information to complete due diligence on an individual. Because of the relationship between the checks it enables comprehensive cross referencing of information to form the clearest picture of the candidate. There are other checks that can be added relevant to specific roles.

Over the 28 years since we started, we have effectively made an impact for our clients on the number of inappropriate hires by selecting the most effective checks and over time they have seen from the results that it is its far better to do it right the first time and before you hire, regardless of whether trial periods are available or not.

They have come to realise that the cost of not checking and moving forward to inducting, training and investing in a new employee simply doesn't stack up against the benefits of screening prior to offer. Whilst the 80/20 rule applies to the ratio of people who would be recommended and you would want to hire, the key in all this is finding out which of the 20% to eliminate. We can assist you to reveal that ratio and save time and money.

Contact us now to find out which screening services will be most appropriate for your business.

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