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Pre Employment Drug Testing & Screening Auckland, NZ Wide

Pre-employment drug testing & screening for NZ businesses

Employrite teams with the New Zealand Drug Detection Agency Limited (NZDDA) to collate drug testing results as part of pre-employment screening. This means that all screening results can be collated in one place and delivered to you the client prior to making your employment decision.

Workplace drug testing today is an accepted, and, (in the majority of safety sensitive workplaces), an expected component in the overall Health & Safety regime. Employment Court decisions over the past five years have highlighted the fact that employers not only have the right to conduct testing, but in many instances are obligated to remove this potential hazard from the business. The foundation and most important component in the whole process is your Drug and Alcohol Policy, followed closely by a professional and "Standard Compliant" testing service.

NZDDA is a specialist company that is the complete solution provider for all drug detection, education and prevention solutions to New Zealand businesses. They keep abreast of developments in drug testing techology and products from around the world and the developing needs of clients.

NZDDA holds IANZ accreditation for meeting internationally acccepted standards of quality, performance, technical expertise and competence in their field. They are the only New Zealand IANZ accredited on-site screening and collection agency, a qualification they work tirelessly to maintain in providing their our joint clients with reliable, quality processes and professional services.

Specialties include the design and development of a Drug and Alcohol Policy for businesses. Each policy is tailored, in consultation, to suit the clients' needs and is signed off by solicitors with specialist knowledge in this arena.

Cost benefits of a drug and alcohol testing programme

  • Fewer accidents and increased safety
  • Less disciplinary action
  • Less staff turnover resulting in less cost to train new staff
  • Reduced insurance claims
  • Reduced theft and fraud committed against your company
  • Increased productivity
  • Better staff morale
  • Potential new employees with a drug hant will be deterred from applying for a position with your company
  • Your workplace becomes a place where non drug taking employees will want to work

Contact Employrite today to partner with you and NZDDA in establishing our Drug and Alcohol Policy and introducing it to your pre-employment screening program.

=Surface Drug Detection

Sometimes clients will have an inkling that things are not right and that drugs may be present within their environment. Employrite can assist you with a product to detect the presence of drugs by testing the property not the person. There are numerous surfaces to test e.g. door knobs, light switches, telephones, steering wheels, work surfaces, counter tops to name a few.

The ability to check surfaces can be of great assistance to parents, landlords, owners of rental properties, and particularly helpful for employers to check the presence of drugs in the workplace. It is also helpful to schools to be able to test unknown substances or areas to see if drugs are being used there.

Contact Employrite for more information on our drug testing and drug screening services.

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