Importance of employment screening

Why screen?

There seems to be a common perception when looking at building great relationships with people that we believe that the things we seek in a personal relationship do not exist at work or in business. In actuality, the grounds for making a connection are closely aligned whether they be personal or business.

Long-lasting relationships are genuine and real and this includes work relationships. One the most important elements of a genuine relationship is trust. At work, it is critical that we trust the individuals we are working with - fellow colleagues, our superiors, our management. However, trust is like a rare possession; it is not easily given away to just about anyone. That is why companies trust and value employees who are honest and truthful in their dealings. Customers trust a business that is true to its word. Managers trust those members who they know can very well deal with hardships and challenges at work. Self disclosure is one of the first steps, you allow people to get to know you and they will reveal themselves to you as well in your daily interaction at work.

An individual’s work productivity and loyalty, the profit and success of a business and the level of customer satisfaction are all attributed to the quality of relationships established. The flow on affect is employees are more productive, stay longer, and in turn the business generates more profit and customers are more likely to value business with the company as well.

When conducting background checks, the screening company's objective is to check the accuracy of the claims of the prospective employee, so that the employer can feel confident that the prospective employee has been truthful and transparent. If he or she has, then trust and a working relationship can be established.

When implementing a screening/due diligence program, the employer is establishing a standard and applying checks across the organisation according to role. Employrite is not only uncovering exagerated claims or lies of the few, it is confirming truthful claims of incredible applicants in the majority. Who will go on to be tremendous assets in business. We have screened thousands of people over our twenty eight years in business and there are some outstanding people out there.

By accessing Employrite you can be assured of a high standard of checking and results. It is the work we do each and every day, and allows you to focus on your core business which you do well.

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