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Employrite Co Ltd, New Zealand is a privately owned company, founded in 1985. Twenty nine years ago when pre-employment screening or background checking was completely unknown, we discovered that most company investigations into fraud and theft were attributed to internal staff, most of whom were never appropriately checked. The number of inappropriate hires and high staff turnover were due to companies conducting litle or no checks on incoming staff. With this opportunity identified a business was born.

Employrite Pty Ltd - Australia started screening in 2000 and is based in Melbourne with full accreditation/broker status to ACIC - AUSTRALIAN CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE COMMISSION. This enables Employrite Australia to obtain National Police checks instantly when clear.

Its primary function is to provide assistance to employers by conducting checks on potential employees to enable them to make an informed decision on staff recruitment.

Our services include:

There is nothing new under the sun and today many companies continue to hire people without adequately checking their background. The reference check today still isn't conducted well by the majority and today the situation is amplified by a solid 25% of applicants knowingly falsifying their employment claims.

Many companies do not fully comprehend the cost of an inapporpriate hire. Fortunately many savvy, progressive corporates have made this realisation and for the sake of greater efficiency and speed, access the services of Employrite to cover their pre-employment screening. Click here to find out why so many NZ businesses use our [employment screening services](/content/services.

When you read articles where senior executives are uncovered at CEO or board level to have fasified a qualification or achievement in their backgrounds, one has to wonder as to the level of the background checks conducted/not conducted throughout their careers, which returns us to our claim.

Many years on, with developments in technology and communications, the world is now infinitely easier to connect to and navigate. The range of checks that can now be conducted have been widely extended so the level of checks is relative to the investment the client wishes to make in terms of coming to know and understand a potential employee and whether a future relationship can be built on mutual trust based on their claims.

So as to build greater efficiencies for clients and Employrite Administrators, an online system was first built in 2005, which allowed clients to lodge checks and for applicants to go online and complete their personal information. It also allowed Employrite Administrators to track and update the progress of checks, with an automated message to clients upon completion of file. The system has a complete audit trail which documents the path of each check.

Late 2013, Employrite invested further into their online system development, to create a new platform that meets technology and more adequately facilitates both the internal efficiency of Employrite Administrators and to be able to meet the increasing needs of the client. The Employrite Vetting Application is an online database application system.

The success of the system is achieved through a broad range of data collection, collation and reporting, via various functionality and interfaces. The use of Microsoft SQL Server, Adobe ColdFusion Server and various other technologies provides a solid foundation of integrity, security and scalability.

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