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  • How to create an employee-led culture HomeNews by John Hilton09 Nov 2017

    Most organisations know the culture they want. What they are less clear on is the culture that they have currently got, according to Aaron McEwan, HR advisory leader of CEB, now Gartner. “According to our research, a lot of organisations have a gap between where they wanted to be and the degree in which… Continue reading

  • Leaders must let employees drive cultural change: Study

    How can leaders go about reengineering their culture to gain a competitive edge? They can start by letting employees drive the change, according to Aaron McEwan, HR advisory leader of CEB, now Gartner. “In particular, with those organisations that are going through culture change if they don’t have… Continue reading

  • How can firms prepare for jobs that do not yet exist?

    Companies acknowledge that times are changing, and that technology, automation and artificial intelligence will alter the way jobs are created and performed. How, exactly? Who knows? Recruitment expert Hays, however, believes that employees who are best poised to take on jobs in the future will have a… Continue reading

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  • Jill Kerr, Human Resources Manager

    May 17, 2012 To Whom It May Concern As Human Resources Manager at Smith + Caughey's, I have used the services of Employrite since August 2000. All prospective employees complete the application and no offer is made before the checks are done. This service has proved its value many times over as… Continue reading

    Jill Kerr, Human Resources Manager
  • HR Manager, NZ Power Company

    Employrite strive to provide us with a top quality service that allows us to ensure the quality of our candidates. The team are approachable and friendly, and work collaboratively with us to ensure a smooth process with the best possible outcomes. Continue reading

    HR Manager, NZ Power Company
  • Lynne Cowan

    With Te Rito Henry Miki, mentioned so much in the news lately I am stunned that this man was able to continue being employed by schools and working among vulnerable children. There is speculation that not one of the schools undertook adequate background checks before hiring Mika. Had just one of them… Continue reading

    Lynne Cowan